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Salt Shack On the Bay is a rare combination of prime location, gulf to table food, and casual beachfront bar scene. Accessible by land or sea, guests will be able to dock up or drive up. Boaters are welcome to leave their vessels at our dock and enjoy a day under the palms.

Sink your feet in the sand and enjoy our little oasis with a signature cocktail or cold beer in hand. Feel the ocean breeze from the dining and patio areas as you indulge in the freshly-caught fish and seafood from local Tampa Bay watermen. Stay late and take in the sunset, for Salt Shack’s unobstructed westerly view overlooks Old Tampa Bay and Downtown St. Petersburg.

A Tale Behind the Land

During the early 20th century, Tampa’s Interbay peninsula was ridden with rattlesnakes, so much so that the land became known as Rattlesnake, Florida. in 1937, a Florida man named George End made an industry selling rattlesnake meat. He moved to an abandoned gas station just south of Gandy Boulevard and opened a canning plant for rattlesnake meat, coining the catchy appetizer name “SnakeSnaks.” George later added a novelty shop and bar, which was well attended by soldiers from MacDill Army Air Base during WWII. George passed in 1944, ironically by the one thing he based his life off of: a rattlesnake bite.

Good food, good views, good company

Salt Water Tales
February 11, 2019


Salt Shack On the Bay is making waves in Tampa’s Westshore Marina District! With plans to open in May 2019, we are excited to present the latest photos of the…
Salt Water Tales
February 11, 2019


During the late 1930s, the Inter-bay peninsula of Tampa was so ridden with the Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake that a portion of the town came to be known as Rattlesnake, Florida.…
Salt Water Tales
February 6, 2019


Business Observer Publishes a Press Release for the Planned Salt Shack Waterfront Restaurant. Below is the November 2018 press release from Business Observer. The full article can be found here.…